NewDrone, LLC has been wanting to feature a one-page Web Flier and Jason W. Luking at Frankfort Chiropractic Center in Frankfort, KY gave us the chance to do just that.  This one-page Web Flier is a type of web site that we can be proud of.  Even though it is only 2 pages high (which really turned into 6 pages high), it features a commercial, location information, an interactive map with driving directions, staff information, a contact form and information on what Frankfort Chiropractic Center in Frankfort, KY can do for you.  Please visit this website to see if maybe it could be the right website for you. We have made this type of website very afforadable and it can be used to get the word out about your small business and be the key to how people find you.

Frankfort Chiropractic Center, Frankfort, KY



Visit Frankfort Chiropractic Center in Frankfort, KY today!

One of our latest projects is a start-up called Distinct Design By Melissa Swanson. Melissa, and her husband, Josh, have been great to work with.

We’re excited about creating a web presence for this sure-to-be-successful landscape design company.


Another real estate blog for Greg Anderson, owner-broker of RE/MAX AdvisorsWest. Greg is a major player in the real estate industry in and around Carver County, MN.

This could probably be considered an experimental site. We are testing whether we can use a community web site/blog as a way to drive traffic to Greg’s real estate business.

Check out And if you fall in love with what you see on the site, call Greg, buy and house and maybe you can be on one of his videos saying “Why I Love Living In Carver County, MN.” Simple.

Living In Carver County - Chaska Real Estate

If you put a transparent PNG on a page it will have a blue-gray background in IE versions prior to IE7. 

There are several fixes.  One I’ve seen uses Javascript.  The other I’ve seen uses PHP

I prefer the PHP solution because the transparency is fixed before it is even served to the visitor’s browser (PHP is server side scripting).  The Javascript method fails if the visitor has Javascript turned off.

You know I think this internet stuff is going to catch on (**cheshire grin**).

We worked, and are still working, with a realtor in Chaska, Minnesota, Greg Anderson, on a blog. We found the project on that was posted by Greg’s Virtual Asistant, Evy Williams, who is based in Georgia (see her blog at

Working with people in two states whom we have never met through Without the internet we would have never found this gig.

What started out as just a project we low-balled in order to fill some dead project time has turned into something with potential for more work. Gotta love that!

If you are a web designer, you know the challenge of colors and palette.  So many times you see a color scheme on a web site that you’d like to emulate, but it is a pain grabbing the CSS and desciphering everything.

Well, Owen Winkler has come to the rescue.  His “I Like Your Colors” tool available at,, let’s you see the color scheme of any web site.

Great tool, Owen!

NewDrone recently launched The site will become a resource for anyone wanting to start a business blog. As the site gets up and running, will be providing a play-by-play set of tutorials of setting up a business blog using WordPress.

Read more about…

In conjunction with the creation of, NewDrone will also be creating a fork of EditBEE, our proprietary Content Management System. We’ll be creating EditBEE 4 Blogs, a packaged, documented and tested solution for small business blogging.

Honest FarmWe’ve posted a few times about Honest Farm (here and here). Well the site is now live, just in time for the Grand Opening.

For those of you within the Central Kentucky area, please stop by Midway this Saturday, July 8, and join Susie Quick for the Grand Opening of Honest Farm.

We are proud of this site. We really enjoy working with start-ups. The money is not even close to large corporate clients, but the work is satisfying. Big Business clients pay extremely, insanely, almost pornographically well, but they are also secretive. We can’t blog about them like we can our small business clients (oops, let me run and check the confidentiality agreements of our corporate clients and see if I just violated one of them, ha ha).
Honest Farm was our first official Non-Blog Blogs. Huh? Say What?

Susie wanted a blog. She had seen many small organic/sustainable farms use a blog to tell their story. But, she also wanted the standard elements of a web site, like a splash/landing page, and regular/static pages that didn’t have the typical feel of a “blog.” In essence, she wanted a blog, but didn’t.

What is even scarier is that we understood exactly what she meant.

So, check out, and see a small business web site that is a blog, but doesn’t look “bloggy.”

Good luck Susie. We hope the farm is a success.

We enjoyed our first meeting with Susie Quick, owner of Honest Farm in Midway.  She is a very energetic and interesting lady. 

She brought a video segment she did on Good Morning America last year.  She’ll be adding it to her blog, along with lots of other recipes.  Susei has a unique take on organic food, as Susie says “Think of organic food as your grandparents food, honest food.” 

While we are getting her design set up we thought we’d test a plugin we found to do streaming video with WordPress.  So, lights, camera, action.

GMA Video

Susie Quick on GMA

We are not totally satisfied with how crisp the video is, we still need to do some tweeking.  We’ll play around with it and make it better for the launch of her site,



We’re meeting with noted cookbook author and former New York magazine writer Susie Quick this afternoon to discuss her new web site —  We are honored and excited to work with her. 

She is the latest small business looking to do a blog for a web site.  This should be a fun project, and Susie has promised to bring us some some vegetables from her farm – now if we can just line up a butcher shop that will drop off some choice ribeye.

Seriously, Susie describes her honest farm in the following way:

“In the heart of Kentucky’s bluegrass country near the historic village of Midway, noted cookbook author Susie Quick has founded a nonprofit sustainable farm. The mission of Honest Farm is to raise community awareness of holistic farming practices by creating a children’s garden and farm stand offering fresh produce to residents and visitors to the Midway area.”

We are wanting to get the web site launched when she opens, which is in July. 

This summer take a leisurely drive down Old Frankfort Pike and stop by the Honest Farm at 484 Spring Station Road in Midway.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out her web site from time to time for organic farming information and recipes.

We added our custom EditBEE Content Management System to the web site this week.  EditBEE CMS is a WYSIWYG editor that allows web site owners to make changes to their web sites without HTML or programming knowledge.  It works like an online word processor. 

We go one step further than the canned solutions that are out there.  We customize it to the specific needs of the client.  With Searcy Monument Company, we added the ability to easily manage their 20+ product galleries of over 260 photos.  Editing their textual content and photo galleries is wrapped into one simple, intuitive interface.

KWWOA needed the ability to easily edit and manage the training hours earned (CEUs) of their members.  So we added a nice little database tool to their EditBEE implementation that made updating the training hours a snap. 

In the words of Melissa at KWWOA:

“Oh my gosh, I sooooo love the training updates setup [in the EditBEE CMS].  Even I can do it!  Great, Great Job Guys! ” 

Thanks, Melissa.

Advantages of EditBEE

  • Manage your own content.  No waiting on your web design company to get around to it.
  • Affordable.  Most small business web sites can be set up for as little as $500.
  • Because it is a custom application that we built, we can easily extend it and make it work no matter the uniqueness or complexity of your site.  No canned solution here.

If you have a web site and would like to make your own changes when you want to make them, contact us today!

It takes a few weeks to launch a site entirely of this size.  We launched the property search function on May 16. 

We just finished adding the Membership section that lets people add, edit and upgrade property listings. Whoo-Hoo!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

The property search that has been up since May 16 has been well spidered by the major search engines.

We’ve had 284 visits doing 5,875 page views, and over 11,971 property listings have been seen.

The table here shows some of the keyword searches done by real people who found on the major search engines.  So, I guess our initial experiements in search engine optimization are working pretty well.  Cool….

Keyword Searches By Real People Who Found on Major Search Engines
Keyword Phrase Search
nashville buildings for sale MSN
commercial industrial warehouse listings charlotte Google
commercial industrial warehouse listings charlotte Google
Commercial buildings for sale in Cincinnati, ohio MSN
Cincinnati Ohio Commercial Buildings for lease MSN
Lease cincinnati industrial; commercial Google
sitesbuilding (**We’re not making this one up**) MSN
state of georgia list of warehouse for sale or lease MSN
georgia distribution sites for sale or lease MSN
buildings for sale or lease in NEAR Elkhart, IN MSN
commercial property for sale in frankfort ky MSN
Atlanta area commercial bldgs for sale Google is an industrial and commercial real estate search engine and listing service.  Property can be listed for free.  Searching for propertry is easy and free. makes money off online real estate advertising in the form of premium, paid listings, data sheet generator fees, and banner ads.


Melissa with the Kentucky Water and Wastewater Operators’ Association wanted to transfer this web site to us and make a few changes along the way.

We were glad to help.


We finally have the search engine for out of demo-mode and loaded. You can visit it at

We only have ten state shown at this time: Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia.

For the next several days, we’ll be testing then uploading the membership section that will allow people to add listings.

Stay tuned as we move forward…

Heard of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)?  Not sure if it is all hype?

Well, we were researching it as a way to refresh a drop-down of metro areas after a user picks 1 or many states from a drop-down.  We need this for our search form that we are building for (more on in another post). 

It never hurts to see if there are some new widgets to help you get the job done.

Well, in poking around, we found this wonderful post by Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP:

Parsimony in code and explanation is indeed an art!  Check it out.

For another example of how Rasmus cuts through the hype of the current wave of Mapping Web Services offered by the Yahoo Map API, check out:!.html

Parsimony - add it to your list of wayward and underused words (**smile**).  Also see, Ockham’s razor.

Here is an implementation of Google Maps for economic development agencies.

If you are an economic development agency or realtor, call us today.  We’d be happy to implement something similar for you.

We met with Todd Ferguson today.  He owns, a web design, development and hosting company based out of Lexington and Georgetown.

We had a good discussion about Economic Development and how we could partner to build an economic development project tracking system for state, local and regional economic development agencies and utilities to use.

It was also refreshing to comisserate with another web designer/developer about the state of the industry in Central Kentucky and the expectations of small businesses.

Launched Tim Cobb needed a basic web site that provided contact information and a short list of his products and services. Our WebFlier product was the perfect fit, and the $200 price tag worked too.

Launched Billy is a two-time Eclipse Award winner, an iconic sports writer and oft-times political pundit. Check it out!.

Began work on and These two web sites will change the way economic development is done in the nation. This is a major shift in company direction. With Tom’s 10 years of experience in Economic Development, combined with Cathy’s IT and web background, these products will be awesome. Check back for updates, or Contact Us today to learn more.

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